Crown & Hudson is a nonprofit marketing agency with purpose. We are committed to driving impactful results for nonprofits of all shapes and sizes.

C&H builds bridges between online and offline markets because we know the world doesn’t stop when there isn’t free WiFi. We employ proven digital marketing strategies that corporations use to drive revenue to increase your organizations impact and reach. Already have a marketing department? We also host in person trainings to arm your team with a digital marketing toolkit with a proven record of success.

Whether it’s driving impact, strategic consulting, telling your story, or building community, Crown & Hudson will be your partner every step of the way. Forget the one size fits all approach. Work with a team who not only has your end goals in mind, but has the expertise to utilize the right digital mix to bring those goals to fruition.

So what sets us apart? Working with Crown & Hudson means you get a team of digital marketing experts. Working with Crown & Hudson means gaining access to the the most innovative digital solutions. It also means you are getting a team of passionate go-getters who are driven to make a difference through digital marketing.

*a bit about the name - Crown & Hudson represents the combination of two locations near and dear to our hearts: Charlotte, N.C and the Hudson Valley in New York State.