Katie Price is a dedicated digital media professional with a Master's Degree in Public History and five years of digital specific experience. Katie is an expert at leveraging new technologies to reach the complex goals of numerous organizations through data driven strategy. She has worked with companies such as Towne & Reese, Levine Museum of the New South, McColl Center for Art and Innovation, Bella Tunno, Shelton Vineyards and more. Katie is interested in applying innovative digital solutions to improve and grow cultural organizations. 

Below you will find examples of recent digital marketing work. 

Towne & Reese: I served as the Project Manager and lead Digital Strategist for this account. During this time, I successfully led the design and launch of an ongoing Instagram contest that utilizes customer submitted photography. See contest in its entirety here. I also successfully launched a Black Friday promotion that increased web based sales 50% from the previous year. 

Shelton Vineyards: As the lead Digital Strategist on this engagement, I assisted Shelton Vineyards with landing page design and maintenance as well as ongoing email, content and paid search marketing. Below you will find an example of a landing page I wrote, designed and integrated into the website. See the page in its entirety here.

History Relevance Campaign: I currently serve on the Executive Committee of the HRC, an organization that strives to make historical understanding a nationwide necessity. In addition to sitting on this committee, I also manage website and social media design and implementation. This includes ongoing content calendars and all design for the Twitter page. See the complete page here

Perry's Jewelry: As the lead Digital Strategist, I worked with our internal designer to create a set of emails to increase web based reviews. I successfully coded and distributed the email via a third party email software.  

Levine Museum of the New South: As the lead digital strategist for this account, I ensured that the site was created with a strong SEO foundation. This included implementing 301 redirects, keyword content across pages as well as optimized meta titles and descriptions across the site. See the complete site here